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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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profile. she really sits at the nexus of british political power and the british media. so that sent shockwaves throughout britain. and as if that wasn't enough, just hours later, britain's top cop sir paul stevenson the commissioner of the metropolitan police resigned also because of these ongoing investigations into the phone hacking. in his specific case it was over allegations that the former deputy editor of "news of the world" had been paid by the metropolitan police for nearly as a year as a communications consultant. that former deputy editor has also been arrested earlier as part of the ongoing investigation into phone hacking. so a lot of questions were being asked about what the relationship between the police and "news of the world" was there. now sir paul stevenson has said he has done nothing wrong but he
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did resign he says in order to keep the metropolitan police from being distracted from their work so that he could focus fully on the investigation. here's what he said in a brief statement earlier. >> however, the issue of my integrity is different. let me state clearly, i and the people who know me know my integrity is completely intact. i may wish we had done something differently but i'll not lose any sleep over my personal integrity. >> both stevenson and brooks were due to be grilled by lawmakers on tuesday in two separate committee hearings. those are likely to go ahead but in brooks case she may not be able to answer all of lawmakers questions because there is a danger she may prejudice the ongoing police investigation or possibly even incriminate herself. so she may be very limited. but, of course, most of the attention is probably going to
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be on james and rupert murdoch who are also going to be grilled by lawmakers in parliament on tuesday. they will be answering questions on just how much they knew about these alleged phone hackings. when did they know it. and if they did know about it sooner, why didn't they put a stop to it then? >> you might argue rupert murdoch is the last of the media barons but could this be the event that unravels his massive media empire. we'll talk about that later this hour. >> i just can't even concept a mother that could do this to her children. it tears me apart. >> do they know -- >> a jury said not guilty 12 days ago but that woman's judgment you just heard likely will follow casey anthony even as a free woman. after being under police and public scrutiny for nearly three years the mother acquitted of murdering her daughter is at an
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undisclosed location. officers released her just after midnight from a jail in orlando. martin savage was there. she left by the front door. was anybody expecting her to do that? >> reporter: no. this case has progressively been one surprise after another. for the most part today here's a surprise. casey anthony appears to be lying low. that was in dark contrast to what we saw last night. all this speck larks all this intrigue, how will she get out. a lot of thought that the authorities were going to sneak her out of that jail in some way that we would never see her. which is why the media want ad pool camera inside. after all that talk and planning how does it happen? she walks right out of the front door of the facility in the arms actually of jose baez who was her defense attorney and much to the anger of some, delight of others of about 1,000 people that gathered there in the blaring light of the television
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lights, helicopters hovering overhead and she steps into a motorcade and drives into the darkness. after that point disappears. we have no idea where she is at this particular time. no contact between her and her parents. and that is how it is likely to last perhaps for some time. meanwhile today very different scene but in the neighborhood of the anthony family. this was a walk for peace, essentially. this was about 150 people that silently walked from the site where caylee anthony's body had been discovered to the anthony home, george and cindy and then they walked back to what has now become this makeshift memorial. for many people they said it was just that they want the focus to be on caylee not on casey the day she comes out of jail and it was also for many of them a chance to say all right that's it i got to get on with the rest of my life. here's what they said. >> is this a closure? >> this is a closure. as we said before starting today
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it doesn't matter any more. the verdict is read. it's over. what's done is done. somebody else will take care of it in the end and we just need to all say our good-byes. >> reporter: that's the most interesting thing, don. people have been obsessed with this case for like three years and it built to the crescendo of the verdict and now they are saying look we don't want to forget caylee but it's time to just let it go. >> we all just will move on. let's hope that happens. thank umar in the savidge. a kentucky woman is in big trouble with the law after she attacked a judge in court. here's her violent outburst. >> you will be held in contempt. >> don't care. i haven't done anything to this court or anything to him. >> court security officer, the man on the left of your screen was the first to reach the
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woman. they took her down. i talked with him earlier and asked what did the judge said to make her go ballistic. >> the judge was telling her to stop using foul language and if she kept using foul language in her court then she would be held in contempt and face more charges, and the lady was very upset already and she just basically disregarded anything the judge said and continued to talk. >> you've been doing this for a while now. have you seen anybody react this way especially towards a judge? >> i have seen people react this way but only in training videos, and training us. not in actually any courtroom i've worked in in the 3 1/2 years i've been there. >> when you grabbed her and you subdued her. what happened? was she remorseful? did you have to take her away. >> she wasn't remorseful. i had to administer the handcuffs on the floor. she was resisting arrest.
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another bailiff tried to hold her feet. she was sort of fighting with him. we finally got her handcuffed. picked her up off the floor and walked her out of the courtroom and still using foul language and she actually made another threatening comment to the judge. >> did you give her any sort of test afterwards, do you know if she was under the influence at all? did she smell of alcohol? did she seem to be under the influence of something? >> she was not under the influence of anything that we could tell. she was just very angry. i think she has a history of these types of situations. and she just had it in her mind it didn't matter what we done or anything, actually. she was just showing disrespect for the court, for my position and she was just disregarding anything we were trying to do. >> she was there for a domestic violence charges against her husband and he watched the whole thing go down. >> he was not shown in the video but he was standing to the left
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of the woman there. and he watched the whole thing. he was standing behind the podium and notified podium out of the way so we could finish the handcuffing process. >> i can only imagine, see i told you. all right. thank you, officer is. we appreciate it. we're glad you're okay and the judge as well. >> yes, sir. thank you. >> in addition to the domestic viles and contempt of court charges, she's also charged with terrorism, threatening and resisting arresting. serious health concerns surrounding around hosni mubarak. he's been slipping in and out of coma weeks before he's to stand trial. a second time in a week a key advisor to afghan president karzai is assassinated. nato begins to hand security over to afghan forces. reach us on social media. twitter, facebook. and on four square. check out my book, "transparent." aflac! oh, i've just got major medical...
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sound of gunfire in the streets of damascus, syria. armed men in civilian clothing firing weapons. not clear if they are security forces, but the violence against anti-government protesters shows no sign of easing. activists say syrian troops fatally shot a demonstrator one day after 21 civilians died. the taliban claiming new success in their attempts to weaken government of afghanistan. a key advisor to karzai was killed today inside the home, his home by three attackers. a member of parliament also died in the attack.
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president karzai's half brother who was also a government official was assassinated less than a week ago. also in afghanistan, general david petraeus pet will hand over command of nato troops monday to marine corps general john allen. petraeus is retiring from the army. president obama has chosen petraeus to be the next director of the cia. hosni mubarak briefly slipped into a coma today before regaining consciousness. his condition is now stable. hosni mubarak has been hospitalized since april. this isn't the only health concern for the former president. >> we have to know about the situation is that hosni mubarak's health since he's been ousted from power is deteriorating. he's being charged here in egypt with crimes with regard to his rule of almost 30 years and
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cracking town on the uprising that started here on january 25th during an interrogation he apparently collapsed. he's suffering from complications from stomach cancer and quite frankly this is an 83-year-old man. so we're going to monitor these reports very, very carefully. he did suffer from some more complications just a couple of days ago. apparently his heart stopped for about two minutes where he had a cardiac arrest. doctors rushed him to the room. there's been complication with his health over the past couple of weeks. his trial is actually supposed to start on august 3rd. anybody's guess whether or not that's actually going happen. certainly health complications are things that have been slowing down that process recently. >> and fred mentioned that upcoming trial in august. mubarak faces a death penalty. venezuela is left wondering when its president will return after hugo chavez traveled
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saturday to cuba for cancer treatment. he hasn't revealed what kind of cancer he has. the venezuelan president is resisting calls to relinquish power while he recovers. the heat is on all across the country with the heat index in the triple digits in many places. how long will it last? we'll check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras next. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspiration. [ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test. a complete four-course seafood feast for $15. start with soup, then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet. all for just $15. ending soon, at red lobster.
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this will have to be inspected. our engineers have to come down and everything will have fobly redone. but, i mean, this is way down the line in the future. >> more flood trouble. this time it's nebraska. the rising missouri river is causing a lot more damage. south of omaha parts of interstate 29 are under water and all that water is washing away dirt that shores up some of the overpasses. state transportation officials say it could take months to fix. in oklahoma the heat is connected to a fatal crash on highway 412. a portion of the road buckled causing to it rise about two feet. state highway patrol says a 36-year-old man on a motorcycle hit the patch and went airborne for 150 feet and then skidded another 200 feet. sadly he died at the hospital. the searing temperatures
4:18 pm
continue. this time in the nation's mid-section. that's getting the brunt it. jacqui jeras joins us now. it's sad that guy on the motorcycle. all of this heat related. heat kills more people annually than anything else, right? >> in fact, if you take hurricanes and floods and tornadoes combined, you still have more deaths related to heat. it's very significant and sadly we'll hear more stories about people who have died because of the heat. it's really brutal. it will last a long time. we're going to have really no breaks, not even overnight. your going to be able to open up your windows and get cool air. low temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. a third of the nation, the nation's heartland right here. chicago, minneapolis, kansas city, dallas, down to houston. we're talking about heat indices between 100 and 115 at its worst. they had to set up free water stations at the minnesota twins game. it was up to 110. the coasts of the country are
4:19 pm
doing okay. we have this 0 omega block pattern. it will stay through wednesday possibly longer and that's really bad news, unfortunately for those folks in oklahoma and into parts of texas that have been dealing with 15 plus consecutive days. another big story we want to tell you about and that's in the tropics. a tropical depression. this is td number 1. it developed about 2 1/2 hours ago. it's expected to make a turn like this. at this time we're not expecting to it have a big impact on the u.s.. something we have to watch and likely become a little bit stronger. could become tropical storm bret before the day is done. >> are we going fast? >> you know, having two storms is pretty typical. things don't get heated up typically in the tropics until say mid-august. >> there's a don this year.
4:20 pm
>> is there? i have to look at the list. hold on. i might have it as my next map. two maps way. it will take a second. i'll look for you. >> check on that. breaking news. >> there it is. >> i told you. there it is. look. i told you. see, i watch. hurricane don. all right. >> good four. >> or tropical storm. >> don't be nasty. >> some new voices are adding to the debate over the debt ceiling. gop presidential candidates are now weighing in. hear where they stand on the issue next. ♪ ation. but my data is doubling. my servers are maxed out. i need to think about something else when i run. [ male announcer ] with efficient i.t. solutions from dell, doug can shift up to 50% of his company's technology spend from operating costs to innovation. so his company runs better, and so does doug.
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check your steps at all right. tsa agent is once again in the headlines this time not for groping but for being the allegedly groped. a 61-year-old woman is charged with felony sexual assault. a colorado woman refuse ad screening from agents at the phoenix airport and then grabbed the breast of one of them. she spent the night in jail. to washington now. they have until august 2nd to reach a deal or risk default. but there's no progress this week to report between president obama and congressional leaders. they have been meeting separately and passing proposals back and forth. mean time tissue is turning into a popular topic for republicans hoping to win the white house next year. our jim acosta has more from washington. >> reporter: accused by democrats and a few of his
4:24 pm
republican rivals of taking a low profile on the debt talks, mitt romney has hit the ceiling. >> the president to agree to cut federal spending, to cap federal spending, and to put in place a balanced budget amendment and that's the answer for the debt limit, the answer for the nation. that's the line in the sand. >> reporter: almost all of the republican candidates are ratcheting up the rhetoric with sarah palin returning to one of her controversial catch frieses. >> we can't afford to default or retreat. now is not the time to retreat. it's time to reload. >> reporter: michelle bachmann called passing on a misnomer. >> if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling that somehow the united states will go into default. that is simply not true. >> reporter: a few hours after her comments the powerful
4:25 pm
moody's investor service said they are reviewing the aaa bond rating important the u.s.. for voters, who do you trust, michelle bachmann or ben bernanke, the chairman of the federal reserve. >> it would be a bad outcome. >> reporter: ron paul urged past compromise toledo higher taxes. >> the '90s brought more compromises, more broken promises, more new taxes. ad doesn't mention that during tea 90s president bill clinton balanced the budget after raising taxes. a new poll find just 25% of americans want only spending cuts as part of a debt deal. 67% would increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations. that won't fly with the current gop candidates who have all signed pledges not to raise taxes, except for jon huntsman. any republican accused of playing politics can point to
4:26 pm
the president. who voted against hiking the debt ceiling in 2006. >> that was just an example of a new senator, you know, making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country. >> reporter: besides michelle bachmann, paul, the ref of the gop candidates don't have to cast a vote on the debt ceiling. that's a luxury a lot of politicians in this city wish they had right now. jim acosta, cnn, washington. >> first a top executive was arrested in london, then the police commissioner resigned. it looks like the dominos are falling in the hacking scandal following the rupert murdoch empire. a look at what might happen next.
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let's check the headlines. violent new attack today against the government of afghanistan. a former provincial governor was killed in his home by three attackers. he was a key advisor to president karzai, a member of parliament also died in the attack. the all the pan are claiming responsibility. less than a week ago president karzai's half brother who was also a government official was
4:30 pm
assassinated. the good news keeps coming out of los angeles. interasphyxiate 405 opened up at noon, 17 hours ahead of schedule after the dreaded carmageddon did not happen. that's what people were calling the expected gridlock after ten miles of interstate 405 was shut down for repair. drivers listened and the mayor is hoping for the same result when another shutdown is planned in 11 months. the don't-ask, don't-tell policy may still be back on the books after a recent court ruling but not keeping gay military members for showing their pride. an organized group representing all services walked in a gay pride parade in san diego. they were not in uniform but wore t-shirts showing their military branch. 200 active duty troops and veterans joined in. >> happy birthday. there's nothing more to say. in case i put on a little weight and you don't recognize me it's whoopi. >> talk show host and oscar winner whoopi goldberg is among
4:31 pm
many of the celebrities wishing nelson mandela a happy birthday. one of the world's best known freedom fighters turns 93 on monday. south africa is calling july 18th international mandela day. south africans are asked to volunteer 67 minutes to service representing each year mandela fought against segregation policies of apartheid. watch this now. >> is that any idea how to run a newspaper? >> don't know how to run a newspaper. i just try everything i can think of. or son wells in "citizen kane." rupert murdoch, both men brilliant. commanders of powerful media empires. from there the comparisons are less kind. murdoch is the last of the media barons a list that extends back in time to include william
4:32 pm
randolph hearst. he took "citizen kane" very personally. he even made an offer to the studio to destroy all prints of it and burn the negatives. but it backfired. "citizen kane" became a classic. what about murdoch's le cubacy? is he about to have his own rose bud moment? let's talk to jeff jarvis. jeff, thank you so much. is this the beginning of the end for murdoch's newscorp? is this about to be his rose bud moment? >> i think it could be. i think that this becomes a legal story, a moral story that could become a financial story. the fact that in four days last week newscorp lost between 5 and 7 billion dollars of market cap. murdoch won't be in charge of this company very longer and
4:33 pm
professional management will say newspapers are in many ways now a burden and will try to get rid of these news properties. >> here's my question. is there somebody waiting in the wings to succeed murdoch. you think this is the end of murdoches heading the company. who is waiting in the wings? >> don't know who is waiting in the wings. newscorp is an entertainment company. no one expects that entertainment executives are anything other than rapacious. in the news business they can't stand the murdoch name and the pressure on them. the problem is how do they sell newspapers. there's no market for them. they will get rid of the news organizations in the uk first and then in the u.s., the "new york post" loses tens of millions of dollars a year. fox news, i don't know. leveraged buy out between roger ales and various republicans. "wall street journal", murdoch overpaid for that.
4:34 pm
at the end of the day this is an entertainment company. >> interesting. who is the next to fall in the scandal? >> well, the sewage waters are lapping at the guccis of james murdoch. now that rebekah brooks rebekah brooks and his trusted allies gone. his son is where it goes next. he was responsible for these properties in london at the time. rupert and james and rebekah brooks rebekah brooks will be testifying before parliament this week in the uk. someone asked me today from cnn how to describe that. it's more like an impeachment hearing for murdoch who is a quasi government powerful official in the uk. >> does this change anything? you said something about a leveraged buyout possibly of fox news, talking about our competitor here. you think this is going change the way that news is done or that they handle news if what you say, indeed, comes to
4:35 pm
fruition. >> i can't imagine newscorp itself can afford to be in the news business any more or afford the murdoches. the next question in the uk there will be efforts to regulate the news and in the u.s. a lot of questions about gross holdings of a lot of media. and i think it would be a shame to see more regulation come in here as the editor of "the guardian" said and they dogged this story better than anyone. last week was the worst of journalism in the form of murdoch but also the best in the form that "the guardian" brought this to fore and brought down murdoch. >> what will happen on tuesday when he speaks and his son james speaks in front of parliament when they testify and do you think rebekah brooks rebekah brooks will be there as well? >> rebekah brooks might be there. she will take the british ekwa va lent of the fifth. murdoches will find themselves very hot under the collar with
4:36 pm
tough questioning and they should well be expect that to be happening. >> okay. great. thank you very much. listen we have a bit of developing news. we hear rebekah brooks rebekah brooks now has been released. she's bailed out. just getting the information now. reuters is reporting it. police are confirming to us a 43-year-old woman who the metropolitan police are not naming have been released on bail to return in october. but it's being reported it was rebekah brooks rebekah brooks. she's been arrested and has been released. an exciting final match at the women's world cup soccer tournament. it was a u.s. versus japan and we'll tell you who came out on top. but first i want to tell you about this. census bureau, more than 10 million americans are self employed. some even become business owners before graduating high school. cnn education editor introduces to us a couple in tonight's perry's principles.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: she's not your typical 18-year-old. she's met the president. rang opening bell at the new york stock exchange and started her own business, mama mi a's vegan bakery. it was served at the waldorf-astoria hotel. >> you started a vegan cookie business in high school. >> yes. summer after 10th grade. my parents became vegan after my mom contracted breast cancer. >> what do you know about business? >> just in that month of nifty. a low profit inspiring low-income students to stay in school. at their can competition last fall her bakery won the $10,000 grand prize. business man turned teacher founded the program in 1997. he was inspired after being
4:38 pm
mugged in new york city. >> if you can start teaching young people about basic if come statements, record keeping, how to do a sales call, how to save your money, i think that will have a dramatic impact on any property. >> this is my logo. >> barbara camp intestinal long term proof. she grew up in a rough new york neighborhood and started designing handbags at 16. today her business includes belts, and purses. >> it affected the stores i was in. it affected my vendors. once again being part of this great program teaching me,000 write a business plan i was able to go back and really strategize a new approach. >> reporter: steve perry, new york. can i have some ice cream, please ?
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our very own susan candiotti working with new york soccer fans. she's having a good time. women's soccer team knows all about thrill of victory. today they learned about the agony of default. they throats japan in an upset
4:42 pm
that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the end. game was decided in a shootout after ending regulation in a 2-2 tie. darn. zain verjee was at the game. joins me now from frankfurt, germany. a real nail biter until the end. what was it like to be in the stadium? >> reporter: it was absolutely electric. it was a cliffhanger. i don't have any nails left because i was biting them all off. it was absolutely amazing. best game i've ever watched live like that, don. the u.s. came out of the gate really aggressive. kept pounding the goal as hard as they could but they hit the posts about three times and they just weren't able to get in until the 68th minute. japan came back and scored and equalizer. then the u.s. got another goal and an amazing header in by
4:43 pm
abbey wambach. in the last few minutes of extra time japan managed to put another one away making it 2-2 and japan won in penalty shootouts. they didn't start off that strongly in the beginning. they seemed nervous, the passing wasn't that great. the u.s. did a great job in keeping possession of the ball. after the japanese scored the first goal they seemed to unlock something and then the game was really theirs. it was a match of come backs. could it have gone either way. the u.s. was unlucky in losing those penalty shootouts. >> it's a david very goliath. i'm wondering was the crowd torn in the stadium, like, you know, was it one side -- was the crowd just for one side or was it torn? >> reporter: no. it was pretty evenly tw lly div thought. the crowd on one hand was supportive of japan. they were the sentimental favorite. they've endured so much with the
4:44 pm
earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. the u.s. players said japan is out there and it's not just about the game for them. they are out there to uplift their entire nation that has suffered, many of them had friends and family affected also by the tsunami. one of the players even work at the fukushima daiichi plant and played on their soccer team. so they really did have a heart in this game. >> okay. so listen a little birdie told me, this is weird, that you should undo the jacket and i should see what you're wearing under there. >> reporter: don. well, you know, everyone is asking me who i supported. you're saying a lot of people were torn. so was i. i'm really happy japan did it. they did deserve it. the u.s. made quite a few mistakes in their defense line. they played really well. but, yeah, this was who i was rooting for. >> i see a big usa right there.
4:45 pm
and proud it. all right. go. you're a good sport. usa, usa. a workout, they train, compete, but when it comes to cheerleading there's a controversial debate whether it's a sport like football and basketball. we explain after the break. [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tiguan. [ grunts ] host: could switching to geico reon car insurance? or more host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly!
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research out of north carolina found more high school girls get hurt from cheerleading than any other team activity. don't be fooled by the flips and tu tumbles. technically cheering is not a sport. cheerleaders are not valid athletes under title 9. a federal rule that requires rules to give equal sports to both genders. participants explained how cheerleading may not be a sport now but moving to change that.
4:49 pm
>> what do you make of the federal judge saying what you're doing here is not a sport. >> well what we're doing here is a sport. i think he's confused. cheerleading on the sideline is not a sport. competitive cheerleading is a sport. we're definitely a sport. >> lots of parts as far as cheerleading go just like lots of parts with basketball. just shooting a free-throw is not necessarily a sport. okay. sideline cheerleading is not necessarily a sport. setting up competition between teams then it backs sport snipe see people running in this arena. this arena is filled just to see this. >> it's very fun to watch. great for the fans. it's something that as a sport once it gets that recognition will be even more popular. >> these people are tumbling and flipping. that's not easy. >> absolutely not. >> there's some controversy whether you're a competitive sport.
4:50 pm
censor. >> we work just as hard if not harder than any other sport. >> our training and conditioning over the summer, basically we get two days over the summer. we get our butts in to shape. work hard. 2 1/2 minutes sprinting. >> does that sort of take the wind out of these cheerleaders when they hear, you're not a sport, you're not a competitive sport? >> i think it does but it is our job as coaches in the industry to teach and educate them that, hey, cheerleading on the sideline is not a sport, competitive cheerleading is. >> they're in as good a shape as any other competitive athlete in their season. >> nice. extreme cheerleading will be one of the topics in tonight's ""cnn presents" airing in about ten minutes on cnn. look at this now. nails as long as -- every time i see it. look at that! 26 inch long nails. we'll talk to the woman behind them know as mama jazz.
4:51 pm
one said pork chop, one said big daddy. how she functions with them next. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster, a complete four-course seafood feast for $15. start with soup, then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet. all for just $15. ending soon, at red lobster.
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announcer: when life's this hard, it's no wonder 7,000 students drop out every school day. visit and help kids in your community stay in school. [ male announcer ] time to check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check and a free cooler with paid ac service. meineke. we have the coolest customers. welcome back. i want to introduce you to an atlanta woman who has been growing her nails for over 22
4:54 pm
years now, the longest which is 26 inches long, you heard me -- 26 inches long. which one is that one? >> this one. >> i don't want to get close because if i break them i'm in major trouble. all right, jazz. they call you mama jazz. >> right. >> okay. first before i ask you how you do stuff, big question is, why? >> well, i always have been able to grow my nails. my farther is a pastor and i couldn't grow them when i was smaller because he told me i had to find my identity and once i found my identity i started growing my nails. >> okay. so you've been growing them now for 22 years. when they break are you like, oh no! >> yes. >> how often do they break? >> not too often. but if i break them, i go back to my nail tech and she put the acrylic back on them where it broke and mend it back together. >> so they never break at the base. >> no. >> never. >> never. >> do you have to protection them with something? >> i have acrylic.
4:55 pm
>> okay. >> yes. >> so someone asked me on here, they said do you have any joint problems because -- are they heavy? >> no, they're not heavy. >> i got to tell you, that is weird. i mean you have to admit, it's weird when people see you, do they have a reaction. do you frighten children ever? >> no, children are my biggest loved ones. to my nails. actually. >> all right. someone says how do you wash your hair. >> i have a utensil, hair utensil that i just take and wash my hair with. >> this is from twitter -- how does she sleep and how does she scratch the inside of her ear. >> okay. no problem. >> do you see that? >> just goes right in there. >> are there other people -- are you the nail champion? >> i'm not aware that i am, no. >> i remember that from years ago there was a fingernail champ. this woman was a secretary and her nails were that long.
4:56 pm
what do you do for a living? a housewife or house keeper? >> yes. >> housewife? homemak homemak homemaker. >> yes. >> your kids? >> five kids. >> they're all over there taking pictures. they're cool with it. >> they're cool with it. >> i do have go. but do you ever go, okay, enough already because you have to protect these all the time. do you ever get tired of it? >> no, i don't. because they're just like my family. we have a bond. >> all right. would you get madfy break one and kept it for a souvenir? i'm kidding! >> oh, this is priceless. >> mama jazz, thank you very much. >> do you friten children ever. i'm sorry, mama jazz. i don't know what i was thinking. jacquie said, "don!" if you follow me on twitter you know i am a wig foodie. i often tweet my meals and you folks tweet back with yours.
4:57 pm
you a toks i was invited to a famous red rooster in harlem, people with all walks of life discussing world issues over a gourmet dinner. eatocracy. ♪ >> we thought where better than new york city to talk about foods with identity. people didn't know today where this was going to be happening. they just saw cnn eatocracy. they said yes, save the dates.
4:58 pm
we're going to get a drink in their hand and get them talking. >> i'm about to burst to have all of this great food that comes from everywhere. but to be having it here at this restaurant, this means so much to me. i mean this is amazing. ♪ >> i just saw a few name cards when i got here like five minutes ago but you guys are pretty good about keeping secrets. >> nobody's here by accident. they don't know why we pick them but everybody has an interesting story to tell. >> i'm placing a little card in front of you. i identify myself as and i've been thinking to put on theirs. what i'm going to write down on mine is, recovering catholic school ex-suburban white girl
4:59 pm
mutt. everyone at this table is going to share your story of who you think you are, who you want to be, what you ate, what you thought you were going to be and how food played into all of this. >> growing up in america, you know, food for me was probably the easiest thing to understand about like chinese culture, growing up, things like that. >> my cultural identity is grits. it is an acronym for girl raised in the south but i'm grits harlem style. >> i eat everything. i eat chitlins. i love beans of all time. i'm looking at the table, boil peanuts. if you're from the south and you know that at the church everyone has boiled peanuts, it is like a delicacy. >> very nice. food was yummy. how did you like that jacket, carol? >> loved it. it's quirky. >> i looked like mr. furly from "three's company."


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